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What is Champiorg?

Champiorg is a new org hosted by me, Morgan, and my fellow hosts (currently I am the only other main host). My goal is to make what is hopefully the next big org, or at least just a big org that people can rally around. I want to make the production value for this or really just the game itself as high as I can realistically get it. I have a lot of different features either already made or planned, including the ribbons, the new constantly recharging stamina for the Adventure Maps, and just everything involving the Adventure Map honestly. Through things like this site, access to my database with punk records, I want to make this org series something that really cannot be replicated elsewhere.



Season 1: Romance Dawn (Current)

So what is this Site For?

So as you may have seen, yeah we have a wiki. Originally in production I believed that the site would be the new "wiki" for the org. Unfortunately it didn't seem super plausible to me due to a few things really, one, more people can work on the wiki, barely anyone can help me on this site if at all. Two, the wiki has already made templates, which makes production way easier, and with everything else going on it's going to be very hard for me already. Three, I don't have a search function here. The wiki does. That is so useful that it's worth using fandom on its own. This site will be for things like having a link to seasons, so like the current season at the top, past seasons around here, things like that kind of like a hub. Also, I plan to use this eventually for challenges or idol hunting on occassion, as parts of puzzles or challenges. It's still useful and is a big help, but the homepage is going to be one of few really worth visiting for a while. Perhaps in the future I'll add more to this, but for now this is how it will be.